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So who is LFWAG? 


We are:


  • A grass roots group of farmers and concerned citizens who want the best for our local environment.

  • People who live in the area and primarily work outdoors who have noticed the plight of the Glossy Black Cockatoo and want to help.

  • The LFWAG, in a joint initiative with organisations listed below, as well as local landholders, local schools and community residents who envisage restoring the rich biodiversity of the Rankins Springs region and saving the Glossy Black from extinction is this area.

  • The LFWAG is landholder driven which is unique.

In the Beginning ..


The Lachlan Fold Wildlife Action Group (LFWAG) was initiated by Dr. Milton Lewis, Project Manager of the Lachlan Catchment Management Authority (LCMA).


Milton has been the guest speaker at the Rankins Springs Birds of the Bush weekend and is a wonderful supporter of the efforts of the community in raising awareness about the natural flora and fauna of the district.

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