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The Australian Bird Guide

Peter Menkhorst, Danny Rogers, Rohan Clarke, Jeff Davies, Peter Marsack, Kim Franklin, Published by CSIRO

The Australian Bird Guide is the most comprehensive field guide to Australian birds ever seen. 


It features the following :

  • Foreword

  • Alphabetical quick reference to bird groups

  • Acknowledgements

  • Constructing the guide

  • Identifying birds

  • Birding in Australia

  • A guide for birders to the evolution and classification of Australian birds

  • Key to abbreviations and symbols

  • Species accounts

  • Checklist of species

  • Glossary

  • Index

Paperback | May 2017 | $ 49.95 
ISBN: 9780643097544 | 576 pages
Publisher: CSIRO Publishing 
Colour Paintings, Maps

Special Events

Rankin's Springs Birding Weekend 2017 Report and Sighted Birds

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