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Birding Weekend

Date: Saturday 7th to Sunday 8th October 2017


Information: Bird tours will head out early morning on both Saturday and Sunday and late afternoon/evening on Saturday only by bus to local birding hotspots.

There will be a brief get together at 4pm on Friday in the pub to discuss plans for the next day, and a BBQ in the Rankins Springs Hall on Saturday evening.

Costs: $30 per bird tour reduced to $25 per tour for 2 or more tours. Price includes morning tea on morning tours, afternoon snacks on afternoon tour and a BBQ on Saturday night at the Rankins Springs Hall. Please note that payment can only be made in cash and will be collected at the meeting on Friday if you are able to attend, or on the bus at the start of the tour.

Please note that Rankins Springs Hall will be hosting Fanny Lumsden on Friday night (6th October) as part of her fourth Clountry Halls Concert tour. Tickets should be booked in advance Book Here

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