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The People behind LFWAG


There is an enthusiastic group of people from across the district who make up the Lachlan Fold Wildlife Action Group. They come from diverse backgrounds and all have a desire to maintain the unique wildlife diversity that exists in the district in the variety of habitats represented and also to increase and sustain that diversity. 

Rodney - President 

Rodney has been an innovative and successful farmer for over 30 years on his own property. He is interested in engineering machinery and anything mechanical and has has built and marketed his own ‘Y’ roller to international and local markets. He is an energetic and engaging person who thrives on energizing others. Rodney has previously been a registered Australian native parrot breeder, is a keen musician and has always lived in the area and had an active role in monitoring local wildlife.  

Jenny - Treasurer

Jenny has been involved in the local community since she came to live in the district over 40 years ago. She and her husband operate a mixed farming business in the Monia Gap district, currently practicing holistic management and high impact, rotational grazing. The properties are fully certified organic producing cross-bred lambs, a self replacing merino flock and beef cattle, as well as some cropping. Jenny is passionate about small communities, agricultural sustainability and the environment. 

Mark - V. President

Mark is a partner in a mixed farming operation in the Rankins Springs district, currently running Merino ewes joined to terminal sires and cereal cropping with legume pastures in rotation. He has a strong interest in the conservation of areas of remnant vegetation and the preservation of native birds.

Tanaya - Secretary

Tanaya grew up on a local farm in the area. After moving to Wagga and working for the NSW Department of Primary Industries for a number of years, she has now returned home to her family farm. Her father has always had a keen interest in native birds and as a child she had a large aviary and would help with the breeding of native birds. This kicked off her interest in birds and wildlife at a very young age and she strongly believes that the conservation of nature and wildlife is very important.

Dee - Grants Officer

Dee, with her husband, manages a grazing enterprise running cattle and Dorper sheep at Naradhan with a focus on regenerating native pastures and improving grazing capacity as well as biodiversity and soil quality. Dee has a professional background in policy development and advocacy, particularly in the agriculture sector.

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